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A magnetic generator consists of a metal ball (like a baseball) rotating around a permanent magnet, often made of wire. The magnet is used as an electric field so the ball will remain stationary and not rotate in the magnet’s electric field.

In general, the smaller the magnet, the more energy it generates.

This is why the electric field of a magnet has a very small temperature dependence; the more metal the magnet, the more quickly that magnetic field varies in strength. If the magnetic field of the magnet is too strong it will burn the house down.

This means that a magnetic field for an engine to run could be about the same size as a ball. It is also unlikely that a house that is not used for heating will have enough energy to generate that much magnetic field, unless the house is very small. If a house has a large enough size to generate a magnetic field, that would be a different story.

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What about a battery?

The same rules for the magnetic field apply to this device as they do for all other kinds of generators. A battery, however, does not generate a magnetic field. However, since it contains both a permanent magnet and an electric field it can create a magnetic field.

What About a Magnetically-Heated Car?

As always, when you are driving a car or motorcycle, you should make your home very well insulated to avoid damage or fires.

In the case of a car, it might not be possible to make a magnetic field when you drive into the house as there is no permanent magnet in this case. However, it is still very likely that you can make a significant magnetic field when the car is on the road.

There are more tips on how to make a house a magnet and use your car as a heater in an article called Make a Home a Magnet.


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