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Mnemonic: You should NEVER touch an energized magnetic source without making sure it’s a clean area to avoid damage. The magnetic field around a magnet has so many different properties that it can be dangerous. The most common use is for powering your electronic devices with magnets (e.g. in smartphones, iPods, etc). It’s more than likely that these devices will fail in this way. In order to avoid damage, if you’re going to charge your device, you must make sure the device is out of the areas with the highest magnetic potential. If you’ve got to use the battery with something that’s sensitive, make sure that you leave the device near your magnet’s current source. If you leave the device near your magnet for hours, the magnet will eventually break.

What are some common myths about magnetic fields?
Energy Bands in Crystals (Fundamentals of Electron Theory ...

Myth #1: The Earth is covered in magnetic fields, therefore you should NEVER touch an energized magnet that’s near it. No one should ever let a magnet touch a magnet. The reason why is that some magnetics have different magnetic fields depending on the direction of their spin. These spin components are referred to as a “buckyball” magnet. The Earth itself is also composed of a variety of different magnetic fields. These magnetic fields can come from a variety of sources and they are not just present where you encounter them. You can find magnets with very little magnetic fields, while a magnet that is high in magnetic energies could very well be present at any time. However, these are the most common magnets that people might encounter.

Myth #2: There are “magnetic islands” in the sky that can be used to collect energy from the sun. This is not true. Earth spins on its axis and can have multiple points of magnetic energy that are always parallel with each other. This means that there is no “magnetic island” that can be used to collect energy from the sun. Magnetic islands do exist though, and they are generally associated with high magnetic energy. Some magnetics can have extreme magnetic fields, and sometimes they can be located on the planet itself. These magnetic islands tend to be located at different degrees of the rotation of the Earth. This can mean that you could have a magnetic field at one point, but another one may appear at another point on the planet because of the way the two continents are rotated. But these magnetic islands will always be parallel.

Myth #3: There is a magnetic shield around the Earth that protects us from harmful

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