Can you power a lightbulb with a magnet? – Gibbs Free Energy Calculator Using Cell Potential For Redox

(Answer 1): Yes

(Answer 2): No. The magnetic field from a lightbulb acts to push the lightbulb away from you.

Did you know? A lightbulb’s magnetic field has a strength varying from milliwatts to hundreds of GV (farad).

I find it interesting that this “no” answer is also the answer by which I can power a power lamp.

So if the no-magnetic answer does not work and the answer “yes” does, then why is the magnet in this case so special?

Magnetic fields are very strong, very weak and much more complex than the lightbulb. This is due to the fact that magnetic fields are very fast, very very fast around us

Magnetism is a form of “spin.” The direction of this spin is not linear. As we move with magnetic field (in turn, with a magnetic field) we move at a certain rate (in turn, we move at a certain angular velocity).

What is the rate of change of angular velocity? In other words, what is the speed at which we are moving with our compass?

(Answer 3): We are being attracted to the magnetic field and then the spin direction is changing in relation to our line of sight by an incredible amount.

We are also being accelerated by the magnetic field into an angle from our angle of view.

We are also being repelled into an angle for an incredibly fast amount of time.

This is called the “spin-orbit” relationship.

Note that the acceleration and repulsion is so great that it becomes irrelevant whether the magnetic field is very strong or very weak. The “spin” or direction of spin is in fact, not linear.

What about the “no” answer about a magnet as another component of the lightbulb, a light source?

Some of you are probably confused: “A lightbulb is an incandescent light bulb, a heat source, a gas, a fluid, a gas, etc.? Is that a magnet?”

Well, that’s true.

A lightbulb is a heat source, a fluid, the liquid, the gas, etc. but a magnet is NOT a heat source, a fluid, a gas, etc.

A lightbulb is a solid with no magnetism. I will explain why I made that statement.

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