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No it didn’t. If you want to see how bad it is to take energy from the sun, how it can kill you or hurt your family, how its products are made in sweatshops or dirty pits in China, just check this list.

So, if all those things happen, why bother with a car? There is no need of an electric car, at least not yet. The world still needs to learn how to make and use electricity.

But what if the world doesn’t need electricity? And how about the world doesn’t need a car? It was once very much true that electric cars and wind turbines will be a luxury, and that the need for cars may have passed. But since the global economy started to grow faster than the growth of gas or coal, there is always one question that keeps popping up.

How much money can we make building and operating nuclear plants?

The answer will depend on how many people the plants are needed for. The biggest nuclear plants are the 20-40 GW plants (which means more than 100 GW of power, and can deliver a lot of energy in the form of heat!) That number is growing at a staggering pace. There is more electricity to be generated today than at any other time in history. So, there is no reason not to keep growing.

I have been saying at this point that this is one of the easiest areas of the entire power industry to make money for. It’s a good one to be in because it will take so many years but not too long to build enough plants. And they are built in remote locations that require little to no construction, and so have many of the advantages of renewables – you just need people with good skills.

A big concern with wind has been that you need a lot of wind turbines out there, and it’s hard to produce enough money to support them, especially as the wind industry has become more mature and there are more people getting involved.

But if you look at these figures – and you can see their relationship between the cost of the windmills and which countries are in the biggest trouble, it still seems to make sense – you can see that there is no reason to give up on all windy regions. There is no reason the world can’t run a nuclear plant to power our future.

As I said at the end of my post about the cost of electricity a few months ago – for a given amount of power, the cost per kilowatt

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