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Tesla may, indeed, get free energy from its own research and development programs. But that’s because it’s getting more and more of it for free. The company’s current energy contract with South Africa runs for 12 years. Even the best-case scenario still sees Tesla paying millions of dollars every year for what is clearly, at the moment, the best free resource on the planet. And the only way it can get more for it is by getting more free energy for itself. That will lead to more and more free energy, and more solar, battery storage, and electric vehicles.

A few other interesting points about the energy-bidding process:

The contract for “storage technology” in South Africa is actually made by the energy department. But it’s made publicly available (though as far as we can tell it’s a rather old contract) so that others have an opportunity to bid on it. It’s just as well since this is the sort of thing that might influence the decision of politicians. That way they have plenty of good reasons to think twice before making any kind of decision.

And the auction has not yet even opened. Even if it does, it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll really see prices for energy that start to drop sharply until we do.

So what does it actually mean for the planet? That depends on how you define “free energy.” For one, solar and batteries work fine alone. But as for the majority of “free energy” – things like wind and geothermal – it’s not that simple. The same goes for solar, storage, and vehicles.

So what energy sources will get the most free energy? There isn’t one obvious answer. But it’s important to start from a premise that is easy to see: free energy is going to come from more free energy than there is in the world.

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