Did Tesla get free energy? – Work Function In Thermodynamics

A simple way to answer this is to think about electric motorcycles. The first electric motorcycles were developed by Nikola Tesla, and then used in the US for more than a decade.

Tesla’s patents were first used on motorcycles, and were granted in 1887. By the 1900s, Tesla’s patents included everything from lights, brakes and electronics to the motor – although he was not a true inventor. But it was clear from the beginning that there had to be some electricity powering the motor.

If Tesla’s invention was the first one, how did the invention of the electric motor come about? This is something that is worth investigating further.

The first motor was developed

From the 1870s onwards Tesla was working on improving the design of his patented motors and electricity was needed sooner and more efficiently to accelerate moving objects along a track.

The first motor he developed was the rotary motor, which was patented in 1882. After this was perfected, he also developed the electric motor, which he patented in 1884.


There are many ‘inventors’ of the electric cycle, so it makes sense that we should have more interest in what the inventor has actually put forth. What was the inventor’s first project, what was it that took the inventor so long to take from idea to working product?

Tesla’s patents were the first ones that were not the product of a true inventor, but rather were the result of the ingenuity of his collaborators. As a result, we can see an incredible number of people inventing their own ideas – Tesla and his team of collaborators were just one of many who began to think up new applications of electric energy.

Musk’s patents will also help you learn where the ideas that Musk brought to market came from in his own design of the Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi.

One of the more popular theories that Tesla had started to work on an electric car is that it was a prototype version of his Model B car. He was said to have been working on it in the late 1850s, but it’s unclear what form his work would take.

The first electric car

The first electric car was named the Model A. It was made by Henry Ford in the 1872’s, and was introduced in 1875 – the same year Tesla was working on his rotary motor.

It’s known that Tesla’s concept for cars was to have four wheels, or a two-wheeled

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