Do free energy generators work? – Gibbs Free Energy Equation With Entropy Vs Enthalpy

They do not work, and they don’t think they will ever work. But if the price of oil stays high and more people will want free energy than they do now, then they may find a way to produce it.

How did you measure it?

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The study used the US Energy Information Administration’s National Energy Modeling System to calculate the effects of price. It didn’t account for the costs – the cost of transmission and distribution network, batteries, and so on – but it was a reasonable approximation.

What does this mean in practice?

The price of an EEE will go up, and will be higher if the oil prices stay high. As a result, we’re likely to see increasing use of EEE generators, which are supposed to create energy when electricity is cheapest, since electricity is cheap and it’s always available. Of course, people will also be installing more battery storage to offset the increase in demand for free energy.

That means that there will be a significant cost increase for both energy producers and consumers, even if the energy is free.

But what if prices do go up?

You’d be wise to invest in cheap battery storage to reduce the demand for free energy.

What happens to the economics of free energy?

The Energy Information Administration’s models are based on current prices. If oil prices go up further, and more people will want free energy that we can produce for them to keep their cars running, then the economics of EEE energy will change.

The higher the price, the greater the demand for energy, and the greater the cost of producing that energy. And this in turn may increase demand for battery storage, which in turn could reduce demand for free energy.

This may not stop people turning to energy and energy storage and trying to generate it, but it would make them more aware of it, and their use of it would be more sensible.

So the economics of free energy are changing. Are the effects of low-carbon energy, such as solar and wind, bad for the economy?

They are. The economics of high-carbon energy are not changing.

So why the focus on wind turbines now?

Because they cost too much.

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