Does free energy generator work? – Nikola Tesla Free Energy Secret Workbook Answers

The basic premise is that solar panels and wind turbines do the same thing in the same general way, but their performance varies according to the type of solar material they’re powered from.

For example, a solar-powered lightbulb uses far more energy to produce light (but at a much lower price) than an alternative, wind turbine-powered lightbulb. So a lightbulb that uses more energy to produce light may actually be a cost efficient solution when there are no other alternatives or a very large electricity demand, but not so good when there is a low electricity demand and demand is high.

In contrast, a wind turbine, which uses fewer power-generating steps and uses the energy that power is generated, offers a higher-priced and easier to set-up alternative than does a solar-powered bulb.

While the type of energy used will determine the maximum usable energy produced, a good guide is that solar-powered lightbulbs generate 1,500 times more light than another type of bulb. An average household uses between 10 watts and 20 watts of free energy from the sun for every one watt it burns from a candle or an incandescent lightbulb.

However, a large amount of energy required for that 10 watts to produce 10 watts (or a household to turn a lightbulb on) is wasted as heat, so these devices consume much less than you’d think if they use the least possible amount of energy.

How do I know if a light bulb uses too much energy?

All of the types of light bulbs and their equivalents, however, also require energy to make them work. To find out the amount of energy required to turn the bulb on, you’ll need to know how long the bulb is on before it produces a light.

To calculate how much energy to buy, you need to use this conversion factor:

Energy Required * Power Factor = Wattage Factor

To find out the amount of energy it takes to power the bulb in an average house, multiply 1.35 by the wattage factor for each bulb and divide by 3. The result represents how much electricity it takes to power the entire system.

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If you live in the UK – and there are a number of countries where your bill is lower than that – this may seem low. However, in some countries, a bulb with 15 or 20 watts can actually use 20 times more energy to produce 1 watt and that difference adds up every year.

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