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Here’s one way: If you’ve got a low-wattage inverter (one with no moving parts like a battery or inverter with a simple lead-in). What you do is connect an “infinite-wire-voltage-current circuit” to one of the inverter outputs, make that wire as short as possible, and the inverter will use no power. Here is one way to do this:

1. Connect an “infinite-wire-voltage-current circuit” directly to one of the output wires on your inverter. When the voltage is low, this may look something like this:

2. Connect a capacitor across this output wire and let it sit at either end of the circuit until it’s low enough for the capacitor to give out power.
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3. As the voltage grows in a circuit with a lot of wire, it will get closer and closer to this capacitance’s maximum value, so let’s double the capacitor value to 2.4 volts and go back to the original output.

4. Once you go for the maximum value, turn it down a little bit, since the lower voltage will do more than doubling the capacitance.

5. Try the circuit on a meter and make sure the capacitance doesn’t start to pull too low to give away any bad voltage, otherwise you have an inverter problem.

If you have a more complex inverter circuit like a transformer-based inverter or a multistage switch, make sure you have more than just a few wires in there, or it will use all the power for its output, not just what you’re using it for. And it goes without saying that you must test the output of your inverter by making a few short passes in the circuit and see how far it will go, and use this knowledge to cut the power before the capacitor pulls too low to start leaking power. Note too that there is such a thing as insufficient wattage in an inverter (e.g. if your voltage is too low to keep the voltage steady in the circuit), and if you’re using one with a very small current rating, you have to turn it down a lot further.

As usual, the folks at the New York Times have a story out about a group of people in the Democratic party who aren’t happy about Bernie Sanders taking the presidency.

We are not surprised in the least to hear what they have to say, or to read what the Times says

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