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First, there are plenty of high-tech ways to make extra power, including batteries, solar-panel cells, wind turbines, and more. But it’s the most basic and straightforward way to make power: heat. By heating water, a solar panel can boost your home’s energy production by as much as 20 percent. But heating water also turns your tap into a heat pump, which can add hundreds of dollars a year to your electric bill. When you need extra power, you turn on the tap.

LONDON (Reuters) – Three men have been arrested after a London hotel was sprayed with gunfire overnight, during a siege that briefly paralyzed the tourist hotspot.

“We are still awaiting official information,” Metropolitan Police spokeswoman Constable Stella Teague said, without elaborating.

A gunman wearing police uniforms burst into Grenfell Tower in a north London housing estate during the early hours of Thursday, shooting dead at least seven people, police said.

The building has been a regular target both during and after major fire festivals and the building has had multiple incidents with arson over the years.

Teague said the men who had been arrested were aged 23, 31 and 40.

The Metropolitan police said three men were arrested in south London, near a popular night club, in connection with the siege. The other was caught on surveillance cameras wearing an “identity card that linked him to previous incidents at the London fire festivals.”

The police said they had no information to suggest any specific terrorist attack had taken place.

Grenfell Tower has been badly affected by fire festivals in recent years, including London 2012 and the annual Notting Hill Carnival, which attracted dozens of people to the tower last May.

The blaze on Wednesday, which spread to the roof, damaged the building and brought a week of chaos for Londoners, forcing emergency services to scramble to find extra resources, the city’s largest fire festival.

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“This event, for the vast majority of Londoners it’s just an ordinary day out. But for hundreds of thousands of people, it’s a day of celebration of the joy of going out and enjoying London,” Mayor Sadiq Khan said at a news conference. “The fire this afternoon is just one of many tragedies we are dealing with in a fast-paced, busy city.”

A man is evacuated by police from Grenfell Tower tower block in west London July 22, 2017. REUTERS/Neil Hall

The three men were arrested “on suspicion of the commission

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