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An Arizona State University student was suspended on Friday after an administrator said his Facebook posts were anti-Semitic, but the student maintained his innocence.

A Facebook posting from March 19 of a meme featuring a “Sieg Heil” Hitler quote with the caption “Jewry is cancer,” that was in response to a joke that he made about a joke he told on Feb. 15 about the Jewish people.

The administrator asked Aztec City High School sophomore Darian Goss to stay away from campus for a while because of the anti-Semitic posts, according to Aztec City Schools Superintendent John Meehan.

After a few days, the high school suspended him.

Now the student’s attorney, Michael S. Kopp, is saying the actions of the university violated his rights as a free speech champion.

“This is a very significant case because it speaks volumes that the university was not satisfied with it and suspended the student’s rights,” Kopp told

“It’s troubling that a university would pursue disciplinary action against a student with no clear criminal evidence, that they would suspend a citizen who was simply offended. To suspend all of our freedom of speech at the school is not only wrong, it is outrageous,”

While Kopp says he won’t bring the case before the student’s parents until next week, “it is also the best opportunity we have to educate them on the First Amendment and what it represents.”

From: The Daily Caller

On June 16, 2018, a new report showed that Russia was trying to disrupt the “dancing contest” held at the G20 Summit in Hamburg. The report, published by the United Russia Center and commissioned by the European Parliament, also claimed that the Putin administration was preparing to stage a covert counter-attack to the G20.

From a recent Russian state-run newspaper, the state-controlled Tass-News Agency: (translation via The Daily Caller)

“An American spy was arrested in the UK in 2014 as he was trying to use his contacts with a British political party to send a message in Germany – ‘The Kremlin wants to bring down the G20.’

This happened, according to British investigators, during the lead-up to

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