How can you make a magnet? – Free Energy Generator Magnet Coil 100 Real

You can make one using a single magnet that is placed on opposite sides of the floor. The magnet is fixed to the floor and makes contact with an ordinary magnet with diameters in the millimeter range. It is therefore not difficult for a non-technical person to make one of these. They simply hold the bottom edge of a thin piece of paper and try to keep the magnet as close to the paper as possible without the magnet touching the paper surface. The more sensitive the person is to magnetic fields the greater the magnet will be able to withstand and the less risk the magnet will have.

As for the magnet itself, once it is placed on the floor the magnet should be able to be moved a couple of millimeters without touching the paper, which is a feature that may not be very visible in some of the pictures. The magnet should not touch the paper while it is being moved but should be in contact when it stops moving and should make contact again as soon as it stops moving. This feature will make sure that the magnet does not touch the floor.

Now we should mention a few things about this magnet.

It is a piece of paper. So if you put the paper on the floor, the magnet will not touch the floor, since the paper is on the floor.

So if you put the paper on the floor, the magnet will not touch the floor, since the paper is on the floor. It should not be very sensitive to magnetic fields.

should be very sensitive to magnetic fields. It is quite heavy and should not be used as a weight (just to avoid damaging the floor). The magnet should not make contact with the surface on which the paper is placed either.

So this magnet may well make some people very nervous since one person, maybe two, may have taken the liberty of messing up something which is very easy to do and which would be very annoying for others.

If you have not made this magnet before, do try to get the correct dimensions and find out what your neighbours have done.

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