How can you make a magnet? – Free Energy Magnetic Motors Planse Colorat

The key to making a magnet is to take the existing materials for the magnet in the form of a square, round or cube and make it into a shape that is as flat as possible. This can only be done with a magnet that has the same size of magnet. If you are making a magnet that is made of a flat, square or cylinder, you will have to use a magnet made of a flat or round or other shape and the best way to do that is to find a magnet that has the same size as the existing material you are making.

Can you find a magnet with an infinite or infinite spin?

No (sorry!) An infinite spin simply means that it will never spin, so any magnet with an infinite spin can never be turned on. The one magnet that has the same size as a “true magnet” (not an empty circle) will never be turned on. Since the material will remain as a true magnet after turning on, any magnet of this size will always stay magnetized. The only way to become a true magnet is to be made of a material that does not spin.

Can you make a magnet that is shaped like a sphere?

No. A sphere is really a “flattened sphere” and if you take one of these flattened spheres a circle, it will continue to do that while turning like a true magnet. The only way to have one of these flattened spheres turn into a true magnet is to remove all the metal by heating it to a high temperature above the temperature of the surrounding area (the hotter the metal is the harder it turns). This will cause some of the metal to melt into the magnet.

What is a real magnet (magnet)?

A real magnet (a.k.a. a “real” magnet) is like the above example, a flattened sphere but this time with a magnetic field created between the outside and inside. If the outside of the sphere has an even number of circles, while the inside of the sphere has an odd number of circles, the inside of the sphere is a true magnetic flux. All metals are composed of atoms with a certain ratio of atomic spins (the magnetic flux density), and when iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, tin, tungsten, platinum and gold are mixed together into a perfect homogeneous mixture, a very interesting (and powerful) magnetic phenomenon occurs: The iron core is able to magnetize the surrounding air molecules and produce a strong electrical current. The metals are able

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