How can you make a magnet? – Practical Guide To Free Energy Devices By Patrick J Kelly

You need to put the metal together.

So, let’s do one. Take two pieces of aluminum foil and wrap them in an elastic band. Then, attach the ends of the band to the ends of the ferrule. That’s what you’re going to do. Put the aluminum foil on a tray of water in a sink.

You want to make sure everything is in the right order. This will help you figure the best magnet. When you do your first attempt, you might get an odd magnet. That’s fine. Try again. Go back to the beginning.

Once your magnets are set up, it’s time to test them. You just need to make the ferrule magnet out of a copper ferrule. Cut it into a circle and attach a few magnets to the right end of the copper side of the Ferrule. Then, attach the copper ferrule to the Copper Base. When you have these magnetized, it’s time to put them together.

Now, I like to put the ferrule magnet directly on the Copper Base. But you could do it by putting the copper ferrule on the outside side of the Copper Base and then putting the aluminum foil on the Copper Base. Or you could put the foil on the inside side of the Copper Base and then put the ferrule magnet on the outside side.

If you only have a few magnets, just put one ferrule over the top and one over the copper one. Then when they snap together they will pull the other two together. If you think you have five or 10 magnets, use the tip of the ferrule magnet to make the magnet stick right to the ferrule.

This also works with other types of metals. We can make a magnet that sticks to brass. To make one, you’ll need copper. Then, solder some wires to the Copper Base. The ends should attach to the outside of the Copper Base magnet. That will work, too.

For the copper metal, the best way to do it this way is to cut out a section of a brass barrel. Then, solder the brass parts of the barrel to your two galvanized copper components. When you do your first attempt, this may not work. If so, try again.

The last step is a nice magnet that can be used for making things like clocks, watchbands, car keys and other items.

How to Make a Magnet For Car Keys

Car keys are usually mounted with a magnet on the

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