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While the company has not put out a video to show how it does it, Tesla’s explanation of its free energy system goes like this:

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To produce enough free energy, Tesla says it has two different energy production processes going on. It uses one of the two energy sources—the energy from the batteries or the sun—to “charge” the batteries to be able to release an internal electric current to push a magnetized rotor to a higher speed of 1000 RPM to “charge” the battery to another voltage of 3.3V, thereby releasing the energy to move the rotor. This process goes a far way beyond the usual way most electric generators work because of the fact that Tesla uses its proprietary technology to produce the electricity itself.

“Once you have charged and stored all the energy in the battery you can move your device to another place,” said Musk, according to IEEE Spectrum. “And because the energy is always going back into the battery and so the power you produce is going way down you can do a whole bunch of things that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.”

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit on Tuesday blocked enforcement of a federal law imposing prison time and fines on people convicted of selling narcotics and providing others with drugs, and the district court ordered the government to begin considering its options.

U.S. District Judge George King had ruled last month that those who sell drugs in the U.S. are barred from “making a profit” from their illegal activities. The appeals court said that ruling is too broad, and that the judge lacked the authority to impose financial penalties.

The Obama administration and Congress have pushed for Congress to enact a law that would allow individuals caught selling drugs in the U.S. to avoid criminal sanctions. The bill has become embroiled in two years of wrangling in the U.S. Senate, and no votes have been scheduled.

Last year, the administration said it opposed a plan passed by lawmakers in 2013 to give money to organizations in the drug treatment space to help them develop new programs in the wake of President Barack Obama’s “War on Drugs,” The Associated Press had reported. The White House also said it supports a plan to give cash earmarked for drug treatment programs to the police to help them better target street drug deals.

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