How do we get energy from water? – Standard Change In Gibbs Free Energy Equation Explained

Here’s a picture of a water bottle from 2006 ( and some water from a water bottle just recently.

Well, what if we are generating power via our body fluids?

The most common way this can happen is through the skin. The skin is constantly producing both high energy and low energy compounds that we use the most to maintain and protect our cells. Our skin has two membranes; a skin barrier and an epidermis. If we were generating energy directly, we would just pass water to the epidermis and voila – instant, unlimited power. It’s only slightly less efficient (by a factor of 4!) because the energy needs to travel through the epidermis rather than through the skin. For that we need a membrane called the lipid bilayer. This is the same lipid barrier of the water bottle. We can see from the diagram that the energy travels through the lipid bilayer from the epidermis to the skin, and there’s a bit of a delay before the second step. Then the energy returns to the epidermis from the skin. The epidermis itself also acts as a capacitor for the production of energy; it produces heat from the water from it’s own internal energy sources, and that’s how the skin keeps cool, even when the skin temperature is warmer than the thermos. (This is why you do not need a lot of moisture in your skin. You should not even see it.)

To generate energy using your body fluids, we use our skin first. Then water. Then the lipid bilayer acts as a source of energy, and returns the heat to the epidermis as heat.

Free Energy Generating Device with Light Bulb using ...
So we can generate energy using our energy from the lipid bilayer but we can’t get it from water and water – we still need water.

We need it from the water molecule.

The water molecule is more abundant than the lipid bilayer, but the lipid bilayer does not have infinite energy, so we have to generate a lot of power from water. Here is the diagram from the above water bottle (see bottom):

What we are seeing is that we are using energy from water. We are passing heat from inside the bottle into the water molecules that are also inside the bottle. How much heat is going into the water molecules we do not know. But we can see that we are

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