How do you get electricity from a potato? – Free Energy Motor Light

Well, it is pretty simple. To produce this energy source, potato plants have to suck up all the electrons from the air around them. If you have just one potato plant in a field (because it’s the only plant there), you will get some amount of electricity.

This energy is a lot more valuable than just a couple of electrons.

Let me explain how this works. You see, potatoes have carbon atoms that have double bonds. This basically means that they can capture, absorb and keep most of the electron that’s in the air around them. This means they can take in electrons without any other matter around them. And electrons do really matter, because electrons can pick up a lot of light, electricity and all kinds of other useful stuff.

The reason why this works so well in an electrical environment is that it allows you to use more energy per unit of electricity. The trick is that the potato’s cells have a unique “ionic charge system.” In a static electric field, electrons don’t have a whole lot of energy; but they have to keep bouncing around the field because their electrons have little charge. Potato cells don’t have that issue. They can actually release a whole lot of electrons in a static field. As a result, potato cells can absorb a ton of electrons. And because they capture them, they can keep absorbing the electrons until they can release them to move around the field. As a final trick, the potato’s cells will also convert some of the electrons that they absorb into other energy. For instance, you might have potatoes sitting right over a windmill. These potato cells can convert some of the electrons that come from the windmill’s motion into electricity!

So don’t be fooled by the potatoes. The reason you’ll get this energy from your potatoes is that they are packed with lots of electrons.

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