Is ATP free energy? – Standard State Free Energy Equation Coupled

ATP is the only known energy source in the human body, which is responsible for almost all chemical reactions. At least 40 proteins in the body are converted into ATP. There are seven proteins that are involved in the synthesis of ATP, although several are involved in its storage, transport or transport of ATP through blood vessels. In fact, the body can store almost 200 million tons of ATP on account of these seven and that is the maximum amount possible if all of the proteins were made of the correct amino acid sequence.

The reason why ATP doesn’t just go anywhere is because of the reaction rate of the cells. ATP can only be generated when its free energy is used, as long as it is in the form of an electron or molecule of hydrogen. Therefore, the energy required to synthesize ATP is an important factor in determining the rate at which it is formed. For those organisms that do not have energy available to generate ATP and instead are constantly exposed to the external field that is ATP rich environment like earth’s atmosphere this is of vital importance. As a result it has taken a long time to obtain stable sources of ATP for their energy and metabolic use on this planet. As such ATP is needed for all organisms to survive and in turn to perform their specific tasks.

What are some ways in which humans can obtain an amount of ATP?

When the body has an excess of ATP this means more protein synthesis will occur. This means more ATP will be available to the brain, heart, heart muscle and muscles throughout the body. In addition the blood vessel in the brain acts as a pump and when this has an excess of ATP and blood supply to the brain and muscles is inadequate, this is termed as brain death.

Other ways that humans use ATP is the creation of ATP by the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. When these are stored as glucose in tissues the body will have excess of ATP in this form. This in turn means the tissues will have to use energy by using glucose to synthesize ATP.
Gibbs Free Energy

Also some tissues that are extremely rich in ATP, such as skeletal and muscular tissues have low metabolic rates. This causes it to be much more expensive for the energy to be used.

In summary, ATP is created when its free energy in the form of an electron or molecule of hydrogen is used.

I have read that in the form of ATP, mitochondria produce hydrogen ions which can be used as fuel for the cells. In addition mitochondria is able to extract hydrogen ions by using its

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