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There are many reasons for why this issue is important. A very high percentage of electricity generated in many countries, including the United States, is consumed in industrial facilities to manufacture goods. This means a greater likelihood of electricity being used in electricity-generating equipment or in industries that use lots of electricity. It also means, for instance, that more electricity ends up being produced outside cities, so that less energy gets used inside cities. [2]

A second reason to ask about electricity-related costs is that in many countries electricity is provided to those who have no choice but to pay for it. People without access to electricity are forced to pay for it. If they cannot get their hands on electricity, the consequences are often catastrophic and sometimes deadly.

In fact, when you dig into the details of the situation as they have unfolded in the United States, you discover that some of the largest electricity producers are the companies that make power for other companies. You are forced to pay for the ability to produce, to sell, and to use the electric energy needed by people who do not have energy.

And you realize that it’s a double-edged sword: the ability to produce electricity for people without electricity also means you can sell the electricity for less and thus end up with a larger profit for the electricity companies. (By the way, if we really need the energy, we already have it).

There are very good reasons to ask about electricity costs, but if you are thinking energy cost is something that doesn’t worry us, please think again. It is the largest reason that Americans are spending more on energy.

[1] In the U.S. “unsubsidized” means that the government pays no more than what the average electricity rate would be.

[2] It is important to distinguish between the price of goods manufactured at large plants and those produced at many smaller plants owned and operated by small firms. I know many people do not understand this distinction either and I’m going to try to correct that with more examples later in this post. For now, let’s just assume that our hypothetical power plant operator pays the same for electricity as he does for power at home.
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