Is free energy possible Tesla? – Importance Of Free Energy In Living System

Yes, and it’s possible today. It’s a matter of converting the vast majority of electricity produced in the world into the kind of useful chemicals that you need to survive. This involves moving from our present chemical-based energy system to a renewable, fuel-based system.

Tesla believed that we had been in a state of permanent decline, and he wanted to change that, to restore our technological capacity to keep up with the change that humans are undergoing around us. He started his company from a home in the suburbs of New Jersey and the energy system that he wanted to restore, his electric power grid. Tesla believed that if he could get his invention into use to improve society, he would be able to generate wealth for humanity in a very short period of time.

How was electric power generation and transmission invented?

That’s an interesting question. The energy system that Tesla proposed was called the alternating current (AC). It has been in use since 1913, but he thought that there was plenty more which could be improved with it. There is no doubt that he was right about this system, and it can be thought of as electricity at both ends. One of the more interesting uses of AC is that it can be used to run transformers, which can convert the electrical current from one current to another.

At the other end of the spectrum, it has a great advantage in power: It’s cheap, it’s long-lasting, and it can always be changed. The downside is that it comes with many disadvantages, and to fully take advantage of this advantage, the battery technology was invented.

What happened next?

By 1925, the alternating current had gained widespread acceptance, and was being used in a variety of different applications, such as powering cars and trucks, heating and cooling buildings to keep them warm in winter, and powering machines like sewing machines and typewriters. In the following decades, researchers continued to improve the AC system.

Electricity is no longer being produced in large-scale amounts, but it remains a huge source of electric power. The problem is that batteries are only becoming more efficient and plentiful, making it possible for solar and wind systems to provide the needed power. But if we really wanted Tesla’s goal of an energy system based on renewable sources, what would need to happen?

We would have to get beyond our current electrical grid, a system that is so powerful that it can keep our civilization going, but which is also very expensive.


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