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In 2015 Tesla began to use its technology to help charge vehicles and, in 2016, it unveiled its third generation Powerwall home battery system, which uses the same sort of technology as the previous two models. The Powerwall, which cost $3,000 and is expected to retail for $3,500, includes storage for 2,200 kilowatt-hours, a charging station system and a charger.

In 2018 Tesla also intends to add a “third generation” Powerwall to its lineup.

Tesla’s battery system, which can also be integrated into a home’s home energy management system, will feature more integrated automation than the previous versions.


The current version can be connected to electric and gas appliances and have a range from about 5 to 80 miles. The new version, which will cost around $4,000, will allow users to charge at home and also store power for use on a utility meter when it isn’t in use. Tesla says the system will be able to store 80 percent of its stored energy and that the technology could improve with future upgrades.

When asked about his thoughts on the price, Musk said in November that the price should be affordable for consumers. According to, the average price of an electric car last year was $35,000, but it is expected to drop to $25,000 by 2020. By early next year, Musk’s prediction could be realized.

Tesla aims to have its Powerwall-powered homes fully autonomous within three years. In June, Tesla released a report on their progress with the Powerwall, which concluded that the product could be a viable solution to address future energy needs.

The Canadian military has awarded Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT) the contract to provide advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for “targeted strikes” in Europe.

The “warfighting support contract worth US$4.9 billion” for the new helicopters was signed by the Minister of National Defence, Rob Nicholson, and Lockheed CEO Marillyn Hewson.

The package of three contracts – one awarded to Lockheed, one to Bell Canada (TSX:BCE) and one to Embraer (ELEAD

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