Is free energy possible with magnets? – Free Energy Motor

It’s possible, in fact we have discovered that it is possible. This is because when we combine the magnet and energy we obtain something called a weak magnetic monopole. The simplest type of magnet with a single magnetic pole is a very strong strong magnetic monopole, the strong magnet has its own magnetic field, which is like the Earth’s Magnetic Field. This field is actually the same thing as a force field. A force field is when you are pulling something up with an elastic rope. But if you have a small enough distance to pull, the ropes will still go up no matter what, if you are pulling something really big with your hands.

The magnetic nature of the Earth is so powerful that it can actually pull your magnet up and pull it into the Earth’s magnetic field. But the Earth’s Field is a powerful field and if you move your magnet to a tiny region of the Earth’s Field, you can generate a little magnetic field as well. But if you have the magnet and a weak magnet at the same distance then the difference will be a weak magnetic monopole and the field will simply be an electric field with a weak magnetic field around both magnets.

The reason this happens is because both magnets have a magnetic field going into them, and as the field is weak, an electric charge will be generated in both magnets. Now if the electric charge of a single magnet is 1/1400th of a volt, then the electric charge generated in the magnet will be 0.0413 volts in each magnet. And if your magnet is at the Earth’s axis, then the magnetic poles will be at two different points on the Earth’s Field axis. Because the difference in the poles of the two magnets is 0.0413v it will simply be a difference in electric charge and that will generate two electric fields going into the magnets. The weak magnet will be a very small electric field with much smaller magnetic field than the strong magnet because the strong magnet will not be pulling in the same direction towards the Earth’s Core as the weak magnet.

At first we thought that a small magnetic monopole could only generate a small electrical field and then that would create an electric charge between the magnets, but once we could produce an electric field we realised how useful this idea is and now it can generate small electric fields as well. We can actually have very small magnetic monopoles because they have a weaker force field that can attract or repel and the magnet can move into a region of the Earth’s Field where the field is a

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