Is free energy possible with magnets? – Most Advanced Free Energy Magnetic Motors Planswift

Yes! All you need is a magnet and some paper.

Why does it take so long to get a magnet?

The current is so strong that it causes the metal to rust, but the magnet has to be held in place. Magnetic fields can actually travel through the air so that the magnet actually picks up more energy inside the paper. Once you have one, there’s no going back, and the magnet is permanently fixed to the material.

You can buy an electromagnet, but it’s pricey and it has to be held in place by something.

What can I do with an electromagnet to generate electricity?

What you can’t do with an electromagnet is bend iron and make it levitate. There’s a different technique for that, which is called induction levitation. Here’s how it works: The magnetic field generates electricity, which can then be extracted by placing the magnets under water for a few seconds. That way, you can simply lift whatever you’ve placed over the edge and the bottom of the container. You know, to get to a toilet bowl!

The magnets used to levitate objects in Earth-like conditions. Image: Bjarke Ingels Group

For the paper-powered generator, the scientists used a superconducting magnet that can withstand the force of electricity because it’s a form of superconducting material. In theory, any magnet could serve as a superconductor.

As for the paper used, it was printed inside a computer’s printing medium, and then heated to create that “superconductor.” That material is what causes copper wires to conduct electricity, because it’s made of superconductive copper.

And this is where this idea really takes off. Paper is just the material you’d use for the magnets. When you’re able to use that paper to generate energy, it starts to become a lot more useful in other ways.

For example, think about how useful it is for medical imaging machines, because you can attach tiny magnets to them and then take a picture with them. Or maybe you have a camera that uses tiny sensors to detect if a cat is hungry. Maybe you could even connect the sensors to a power source to turn the lights on.

The paper-powered generator is much shorter and cheaper than anything you could build with magnets. But with just a few people working together, it could be a much more efficient way to power devices that people might want to use.

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