Is it possible create energy? – Free Energy Power Generator Easy Homemade

We can. And we will in the future. But we are not here to create energy and we will not make our descendants. That is why the new technology of the Future will be more powerful and easier to use than the old technology; it will be the most advanced technological system of the next thousand years. We will make the most beautiful future, but it is not in our hand, but in the hand of our ancestors — in the hands of our future.

“We have created the future. No one can take advantage of this energy, it is not there, and our descendants will do for this what they always did — but we will be the ones to do the transformation.”— David Icke

What will happen to the people in the future? What will they think or do if someone with an extraordinary gift gets in their way?

The answers to these questions are very interesting. And here all I want to say is, don’t think — don’t worry. I know that some people want to make sure the answers are very specific, but don’t worry.

Relationship Between Free Energy And Equilibrium Constant ...
The answers are very general.

First of all, what will be the consequences of this technology? We cannot even imagine the future, let us be honest. However, many people are not going to be able to do anything because, for one thing, they cannot imagine that they ever could.

A real-life future will probably consist of the following: a) people who have no idea what they want to do with their lives; B) people who are always afraid of failure; C) people who never have any ambition;

This will inevitably lead to, and will destroy, all the most important and powerful political, social and economic systems. It will destroy the foundations of the entire system of the world.

It will destroy, first of all, the entire society with all the people living in it. It will, secondly, destroy the whole economy. Thirdly, it will destroy the whole culture, all the schools, all the cultures, all the literature, all the architecture, all the architecture that was built to protect the environment of our planet.

It will then destroy all of the most sophisticated and advanced technologies, too. It will destroy these too — the most advanced, so we can’t even get the names of them; we’ll have to create them.

Finally, it will destroy all the most powerful institutions that protect this planet, including the most powerful political institutions that will

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