Is magnetism an energy? – Helmholtz Free Energy Equation Delta

We know that we are attracted to one thing in particular that we call matter, and we know that energy is a product of matter.

“Energy is only a phenomenon that arises from the interaction of an atom with its surroundings. In fact, atoms are nothing but microscopic particles of energy that make up matter.”

“The universe as understood by quantum physicists is a very complex and fascinating environment that is entirely a product of the interaction of matter and antimatter.”

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“In essence, the energy field that gives rise to matter, the field of electromagnetism, is a phenomenon that arises from the interaction of matter and the other force called gravity.”

“These forces have a great deal to tell us about the structure of particles and forces that exist in the universe at large.”

So is electromagnetism a kind of ‘energy’?

We think so.

“Antimatter” is the most likely candidate for antimatter. These forces work at a different level of reality than the regular forces, and that makes for an interesting question.

“We believe that the universe is a vast accumulation of ‘antimatter’. It exists in our dimension and around other dimensions, and it interacts with other dimensions. These interactions have a great deal of energy for those that understand the physics of the universe. But what happens when we have these interactions in the macroscopic universe?”

How about in super-matrix form?

That is another very interesting area we are interested in.

“It is possible to make quantum effects in the macroscopic world. But in this sense, it is like taking particles from our own dimension (which includes all the particles out there in the universe) and putting them in another. In the macroscopic world it is possible to take a single particle, or a single atom, into another dimension, but we will not be able to take that atom into the tiny sub-atomic world of atoms.

“This is known as a ‘Super-Matrix’ or an ‘atomic matrix’. But, it is impossible to get a macroscopic particle into another dimension. So, the macroscopic world of atoms and electrons is the domain of matter.”

Why is our Universe so different to quantum theory?

In essence, the reason is an analogy.

Quantum theory says that everything we could want to know about the universe is contained in tiny sub-atomic ‘quarks’ – this includes quantum

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