What are the main sources of energy? – Gibbs Free Energy Equation Practice

Do we use only natural fuels and biomass and wood and the like and do we burn coal for the electricity and other utilities or does it include fossil fuels like natural gas?

How much electricity does a person need to operate a car?

How much fuel does a motor car use? Do we burn petrol or diesel and wood or biomass and wood?

What are the main resources used in cars, such as oil to drive the engine, and gasoline?

What are the basic energy considerations: how much electricity does a person require to complete one hour of work? Do they use natural gas or do they burn wood and coal?

What are the main sources of energy for the rest, including electricity to keep the engine running? Do they use natural gas or do they burn timber and wood?

Are the main materials used in vehicles the same as for homes? Do people use the same materials for their homes and cars?

What is the average monthly energy bills in the UK? Would each person in the UK have to pay a different amount of money, for instance through tax, fuel duties or insurance?

I read somewhere about low income. Is that true? How much has that cost?

I understand that energy is very expensive, why did you choose not to buy appliances which include these services?

What is the average power consumption of your city? Are your appliances all efficient? How about your house? What other ways does life in a city differ from life in rural areas?

What are the main sources of energy in the UK? Are we using coal or natural gas or wood and bioenergy?

What has been the impact on your lives by the energy use of the home? What have your experiences been?

In the UK, do you buy your own electric appliances or buy them from other people? If so, how much for each?

Are you aware the cost of energy to run your fridge, dishwasher and washing machine in January, when the temperatures are hot, is about £70.00 per month.

Why do you want to have these appliances in your home instead of buying your own?

What are the costs to have heating and air conditioning, whether that is from the electric or gas or wood or biomass or biomass fuel?

When I bought my first house, I wanted a solar heating system for the summer and for winter. I also wanted more insulation and a window that faced the road to separate the house from the

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