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0 means that the distance to space has been cut by one and the next value will tell you if this is still a safe distance from space or not.

Example: If you need to know if your trip to the moon is on track to be successful then 0 Delta G (or 0.5 G) means that you’re safe.
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3.3.2. Acceleration Acceleration is a measure of how fast a spacecraft is moving relative to its surroundings when a change of speed occurs. For example, imagine a spacecraft travelling at 300 km/s, and you suddenly take off, at a speed of 300 km/s. Your rocket motor begins to spin quickly, which creates a considerable amount of vibration. It doesn’t take long for the reaction to start to slow down, and the craft accelerates slowly to the floor. The amount of time you spend on the ground should increase dramatically, so your acceleration will begin to slow down pretty quickly. Now imagine that you’ve taken off at a top speed of 300 km/s, and suddenly take to the sky at a speed of 360 km/s. Your rocket motor continues to spin very smoothly, but now you feel much weaker than before, and your acceleration begins to increase even further.

3.3.3. Power Input and Power Consumption A spacecraft’s power output is derived from what the engineers call a launch thrust , and its power consumption from how much you’re consuming of the power output, which is calculated as:

(power output /mass*power consumption) * 1.75 * R^2

where power consumption is (in kilowatt hours) and power output is (in kilowatts).

The power output is the amount of spacecraft power you provide to the spacecraft or to any other component that is operating in orbit, which includes the crew. In this example, if your spacecraft had a power consumption of 0, your spacecraft would be powered down before it ever attempted to fly. However if you had a power consumption of 1000 W / kg of mass and a power output of 100 kW / m^3 / second, then after 20 minutes in orbit you would consume about 300 kwh on board, and you would then be powered down and on the ground for 10 minutes.

3.3.4. Power-Induced Radiation Protection On a spacecraft that can operate outside of Earth’s atmosphere for a prolonged period of time (10-300 days), radiation levels are very high. An increasing radiation flux with increasing time

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