What does Delta H RXN mean? – Gibbs Free Energy Equation Equilibrium Constant

Delta H RXN stands for delta harmonic, and it refers to harmonics around the frequency of a given frequency range of the guitar. It is measured by placing an instrument on opposite sides of a speaker and using the same volume level as the room. With a high-end signal, that speaker would actually sound a lot higher than the guitar, right?

So, when the signal is high, this is what it sounds like:

The Delta H RXN graph shows the frequency of the signal that you hear (assuming that the player’s voice and guitar are both at the same level.)

However, what is your Delta H RXN level between the left and right speakers?

A Delta H RXN, in this case, would only refer to the guitar volume at that point. So, imagine your Delta H RXN level is the volume of the guitar at all times.

How does Delta H RXN affect your Guitar?

With Delta H RXN, your guitar volume won’t be so high! When you set your guitar volume to be low and it sounds perfect, this is what it sounds like:

This does not mean that it’s very loud! (Although there is an extra loud!)

Delta H RXN does not cause problems.

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How can I tell if my guitar volume is low at my room or at my playing position?

The Delta H RXN is measured at your guitar. The easiest way to do this would be to place your guitar on a speaker at the center of a circular table. The left and right speakers should be in parallel, but the speakers should not be separated by more than two inches. Put the guitar on the table, make sure it is balanced, then adjust the volume of each speaker so that it matches the Delta H RXN values of the other. Then, set the guitar’s volume to about 50% and test the guitar again.

What if my guitar is at an extreme low volume after listening to my guitar, but before adjusting the volume of the guitar with the Delta H RXN?

In that case, you should move the guitar so that it appears to be louder than it really is. This is also the case if your guitar is plugged into the “volume down” input position while you are trying to set the volume of a guitar amp.

I don’t know the Delta H RXN for my guitar!

Check the following charts for reference:


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