What is a free energy device? – Free Energy Change And Chemical Equilibrium

The free energy device refers to any process which produces free energy. When electrons flow from zero to a specific energy level they are called ions. When they flow from higher levels to lower levels, electrons are called photons. For example, the electrons that flow from zero to 0 would be photons – but they are not free energy; instead they constitute a chemical bond between the electrons.

The term ‘free energy’ is sometimes used as a label for these processes which do not require the energy or mechanical energy to generate an electric charge. For example, the free energy of a vacuum is an electron with a half way point between the positive and negative charge.

The free energy of a process is the amount of energy required to produce a given mass of electrons when confined to a tiny space. Free energy is measured in Joules per mole of atoms.

Where does the energy come from?

The energy comes from electron collisions, usually between positively-charged electrons and negatively-charged electrons. The free energy comes from quantum mechanical effects such as quantum mechanics. However, the energy is not always sufficient for any particular process, and often this must be added. For example, a process in which the proton is in an excited state will tend to have higher energy than one in which it is in a super-conducting state.

Free energy in quantum theory

In quantum theory, a number of particles can be associated together such that their interaction forms a unique state, called the quantum state. The individual states of the particles are described by pairs of terms, known as ‘fields’, which are given as follows

\[ e = \leftarrow_{\rm t} f_{\rm t}+ \leftarrow_{\rm t} g_{\rm t} + \leftarrow_{\rm t} b_{\rm t} + \leftarrow_{\rm t} f_\rm t+\leftarrow_{\rm t} g_{\rm t}+\leftarrow_{\rm t} b_{\rm t} +\leftarrow_{\rm t} f_\rm t+\leftarrow_{\rm t} g_{\rm t}+\leftarrow_{\rm t} b_{\rm t}\rightarrow_{\rm t}\]

\[ f_{\rm t}+\leftarrow_{\rm t} g_{\rm t}= g_{\rm t}f_{\rm t

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