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An electromagnet’s “free energy” is that which can be “powered” by the magnetic field created by the electrons in the magnet’s electrons (which the magnetic field is actually a series of magnetic field lines) and that which is simply “free” energy. So, without going into much detail here, a free energy device simply means a device that does not have to be charged. If you don’t care, this applies to almost everything in modern science, from the sun to the hydrogen bomb.

Now, some people get a bit angry about the word “free energy.” Not all of them actually get angry because some would never be fooled by a device that has to be charged. For these people, the term’s use is inapplicable because “free energy” does not actually describe a “free device” in the sense of one that has to be charged to be useful; if a device does not have to be charged, it is not a free device.

One more thing to do on this topic.

Does electromagnetism actually depend on charged particles? Yes.

I like to call it the “electromagnetic charge” effect. Here’s what happens. When atoms are cooled to a temperature near absolute zero (the coldest temperature that anything can exist at), they will no longer attract themselves to each other because the mutual attraction causes the atoms to get far away. As I said above, these atoms do not have any charge, but their energy (in “electron-electron voltameters”) goes “loose” and can actually “charge” themselves in large numbers. That’s what is going on in our free energy devices and why our electricity is free energy. Why can’t we do that in our cars? I suspect it’s because the only “free electrons” in the universe are very massive, massive electrons.

Now, the problem is two-fold. The first question is that you must actually get the free electrons and not just give them some sort of charge. And the second question is why, if there is no charge, can they do anything? This is where you come in. There must be some form of energy transfer (and, it seems, also some sort of exchange between the charged atoms and the rest of the atoms). And, it seems like this energy must involve kinetic energy as well as electrical energy. As such, there must be some kind of transfer of energy. There is actually a great deal that we don’t

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