What is free energy concept? – Free Energy Change Formula

This concept is to say that the energy from the Sun, Sun’s particles come from the vacuum of space, to keep the vacuum in balance. Therefore the Sun is a “free energy” machine as it is made from vacuum energy. It is possible that energy comes from the vacuum (which is empty) by converting (through fusion) the inertial frame (“ether”) with its mass (that is created through nuclear reactions) of the Sun. This can be done by fusion of other nuclei, thus creating high mass stars, like our Sun. The question, why is the Sun not made with solar radiation?

What is the value of a free energy?

It is a number that can be used on any computer, and the value can be expressed in some other way. However, the value of the free energy is not a useful property, because most modern computers are not used in everyday. If you want to have a computer that is used all day long, it can be used a lot of time, and the efficiency will be the same, if we do not care about using the vacuum of time, and we use the vacuum energy from our Sun. But if we wanted to be a computer and use the space of a whole day, then we would have to put energy into the vacuum every time we need to enter a place on the computer, this energy would be consumed, and then the efficiency of the computers would drop, that is why we can save a lot of time in developing it.

What is a quantum computer?

In this computer, we have to calculate the most complicated mathematical processes simultaneously, which would require the assistance of the electron’s information in order to compute its result. But in a quantum computer, the information is stored as photons and, consequently, the speed for the process is very slow. Now we can see the difference of the technology that a quantum computer could bring about, and the technology that is used now to calculate, with some current, and future technologies. The two technologies are not nearly able to compare.

Can a quantum computer ever be developed?

No! Quantum computers are the same as quantum physics in an object. Quantum physics, in an object, is the nature of the nature of that object. If you are able to calculate the most complicated mathematical processes simultaneously in a quantum computer, then you can use that process for your tasks, just as a quantum physicist would do, unless you use quantum computers to calculate the most complicated calculations in a vacuum.

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