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According to him, free energy is a concept that makes no claims about the nature of matter or energy and that no such phenomena as black holes exist. Therefore he is right in saying that the free energy concept is totally baseless and that we can only use it for purposes that are not entirely logical.

There is no such thing in reality as free energy. Free energy is a mathematical concept or a theory. Free energy is not an empirical, observable phenomenon that has been witnessed and observed to be a phenomenon, the existence of whose existence is not the subject of debate between scientists. The free energy concept originated from the writings of Albert Einstein where he has been associated with it. As we pointed out in our previous article, these writings are totally devoid of any factual and rational basis. Therefore free energy does not exist.
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We have come this far because we can take the words of Mr. Vyas about free energy and use them for our purposes. Let us look into the real meaning behind free energy concept.

A concept is in our minds, thoughts and words, which we form and use to describe something. A concept like free energy is in the same category as a scientific theory as we are able to understand the theoretical aspects of a concept because we have studied it on an intellectual level. We can also use free energies concept just as we can use a scientific theory as a basis of discussion.

A theory is an abstract and logical description of a field. For example Newton’s laws are a theory and there is no empirical evidence for the theory. Similarly Mr. Vyas’ free energy is a theory. Free energy is a theory, but with some theoretical limitations or conceptual problems in it. In other words, a free energy concept seems to be in an intermediate stage from scientific theory to pure intellectual, conceptual description. If we compare Mr. Vyas with Einstein on their books, we can conclude that the two are very different in their conceptual level. For example, Einstein does not say that energy cannot be converted to mass; rather he says that the energies cannot be converted to mass.

I am going to discuss Mr. Vyas’ free energy concept and discuss whether he has the right to claim that we can use his free energy concept with no logical basis or not. In short, I am going to challenge him regarding his claim to have a scientific explanation about free energy.

Mr. Vyas’ free energy theory begins from the assumption that, since free light rays can travel in any direction

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