What is free energy concept? – Free Energy Principle For Dummies

The fundamental idea behind free energy concept is called “non-linear” or in other words, energy that behaves in a non-linear manner, like waves that behave like a sine wave, and is not continuous.

“An interesting paradoxical form of free energy is called “non-interactive” for that the energy (charge) is not controlled by any energy-carrying molecules, it is entirely contained in the quantum system (quantum particle). It is this freedom of the energy that gives rise to the non-linear behavior and makes it possible to achieve free energy.”

Also “free energy” can be conceived as being a new form of energy that, like free energy concept, is totally based on the concept of “virtual particles” and the non-interactive state of a system that is totally made out of virtual particles. It can be considered as a new form of energy that is non-linear, like a wave function, instead of a wave function, it could be regarded as a virtual wave function.

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