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Water is a solution or solid. It is the most common liquid in the natural world. You can put it in anything you think it can fit and it will do what any liquid can do. For example, water can be poured into a bottle or it can be made into wine. All liquids in nature come from water. Water is also used in many of our everyday products. For example, if you turn your washing machine on, it automatically turns the water to a frothy, brown bath, and it can be removed again with a quick spritz.

In addition to water, there are other substances that water is made from as well. A lot of them have been scientifically confirmed as being produced from water, including the above mentioned substances. Below are some examples of substances that have been scientifically identified as being made from water.
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Creams and Sweets

Creams and sweets contain water so much that they will freeze almost solid. Examples of foods that contain liquids such as milk or juice can be listed here. Many other beverages are made with liquid such as coffee, tea, lemonade, fruit juice, hot cocoa, ice cream, beer and other types of beverages. Because liquid is so important to our bodies, if something is created with water in its process, that is often called a liquid food. Examples of such liquids are hotdogs, burgers, pizza, ice cream, fruit, beverages and any kind of food that is made up of liquids.

Milk and Cereal

Milk and cereal are usually made from water. Even the best milks come from water as well. One of the easiest examples of this is cow’s milk. To get the full experience of drinking cow’s milk, it’s best to let your children drink it with milk. You can buy milk in different shapes and flavors and drink it out of a container. For example, an orange bottle of milk is a great way to enjoy it as well as with milk chocolate. The same goes for the type of milk you use. Your local supermarket usually has lots of the best milk of the farm you live in, with freshness to go with them. The milk you buy in a carton or bottle is usually made from skim milk but it can contain as much as 1.5% skim milk which can give you a thicker cream with a softer consistency.

In addition to using water, you have the possibility to make some of the most popular cereals from the plant millet. The easiest example

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