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The New York Times is publishing a front-page story headlined “Donald Trump Reveals His First Tax Returns,” in which the newspaper reports Trump has filed no taxes for a decade. Trump’s campaign says Trump plans to release his tax returns when the issue of taxes comes up during the debate on Monday. The newspaper didn’t report when Trump would file his returns, and asked Trump if he was going to answer those questions.

But the Times didn’t reveal when Trump would file his returns. Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks says Trump’s first returns won’t hit the paper this week.

Trump has been the subject of a political frenzy as Donald Trump has made his case for running for president on an unprecedented business career that has taken him from the depths of bankruptcy to the highest levels of government.

“When you see somebody in the papers talking about, ‘Trump is going after you, Trump is going after you, Trump is going after you,’ they mean something,” Trump said on a recent edition of “Fox & Friends.” “So if someone is talking about, ‘Trump wants to sue you,’ it is absolutely not true. I’m not going to sue you. You have a lawsuit going on and that’s one thing I won’t do.”

Hicks says Trump filed an IRS Form 990 in the summer, not long after he dropped out of the GOP presidential primary. Hicks says Trump will pay taxes on his income from the years 1992 to 2005.

Trump’s own campaign has refused to release his tax returns, which would be legally required with this question. Even the Republican National Committee, which Trump reportedly has helped finance, said Trump’s refusal to release the returns was “stunning” and an “open secret.”

Hicks says the story “doesn’t change anything” about Trump’s finances.

The New York Times said in a statement to The Huffington Post the story “was based on a fact-finding trip, and that fact-finding trip was conducted by Mr. Trump and his team.” That statement added: “The Trump campaign has repeatedly said that Mr. Trump has no intention of ever releasing his tax returns, which is a far cry from Mr. Trump’s previous boasts about his business acumen.”

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The New York Times says its first story, dated Sept. 4, was based on “two confidential sources who said it was their understanding that during the course of his career, Mr.

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