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How do I choose a font for the text of my document? When choosing a font a lot of factors come into play. The most important one is the contrast: the more contrast the better. The font’s default setting is the one that will provide this best. You can make the text in your document as different as you want it, but for the purpose of this article, we are mainly talking about default settings, and that’s not the only factor you need to consider. You also need to consider the color, how strong it’s going to be, whether you’ll be writing on your document or on paper, and how big your document will be. You could try the font in a different size or in other different colors, or you could make your document completely different in color from your original, but it’s much harder to choose which one is best for certain situations. For instance, here’s one of my own examples that makes a different point, but that’s what we’re trying to demonstrate: Here’s how a text with different colors would look, at very different pixel values:
Let’s look at a comparison of a sans serif and serif font, both with slightly different spacing and sharpness in the lowercase alphabet: A. Text with a slightly wider contrast, with some extra emphasis added for clarity. Note also the darker color.
B. Text without any sharpness or contrast added to make the text a little brighter. However, this font doesn’t really look good in black, which the original text is.
C. Text with a similar contrast, but this one has the same dark color as B, but with more contrast in the lowercase alphabet instead of the letters. A good example of a well-adjusted sans serif is my own Fontographer font, from which we’re using the one above (B). The only way to learn how to use a font’s features is by doing some actual use: I was once able to play around with a Sans Serif to Fontographer.
What makes a font so desirable: It’s hard to choose the right font for a specific situation, especially since it’s very hard to see the difference between these fonts in real life. Some of the biggest factors that play a role are the price and availability. So let’s see just that. Prices and Availability Let’s make it simple: I have a few choices for the price range, and I’ll explain them here. Most of the time, people prefer to use a “brand name” font for a

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