Why Gibbs free energy is zero at equilibrium? – Tesla Free Energy Generator

“Gibbs’ law of free energy is equivalent to the second law of thermodynamics, which states that every process will always be carried out with the same efficiency. Thus, Gibbs’ law indicates that the energy contained in a mass is the same in all different cases. To put it more simply, the energy contained in a mass is constant if its mass is the same in all possible states”.

In what way a change in the mass’s structure affects the free energy?

“The mass is always the same under a variety of transformations, such as thermal expansion, chemical reaction, collision, or thermal equilibrium. At other times, it can be changed by a change in chemical equilibrium or collision with another medium. However, this happens because the mass’s structure changes through the transformation process.”

In the end, you could define Gibbs’ law as the universal thermodynamic law for mass dynamics.

“That is, you want a state of a mass at equilibrium to be the same in all possible states”.

Is there any reason why the change in the temperature of the body should be zero at equilibrium?

“There are two explanations of that. The first is that the energy of a molecule can change its structure at equilibrium (because of this you might call molecules that are hydrogenated hydrogens, or H-dehydrogenides), because of the effect of the thermodynamic constant. The second explanation is that there is an inverse relationship between the mass’s energy and its size. Because of the thermodynamic effect at equilibrium, the mass’s energy should be conserved. This is what is called entropy; it is the same whenever the mass is the same in all possible states”.

Are there any special reasons why the mass should not be the same if it varies?

“No. One type of variation is a decrease, or decrease in size.”

You have an experiment based in the “mass cage”, where a substance “collides” with a bar of another substance that is heated. Is it possible that in this case the energy difference is caused by a change in composition?

“It is a bit more complicated than that.”

You have an experiment that used a different structure for the mass and the other substance, but the mass was the same in both conditions, but you can’t distinguish between the change in the composition (change in their composition) and the change of the mass.

“It’s a bit simpler – the mass was the same in

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