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There’s an enormous body of knowledge from physics, engineering, mathematics, computer science, neuroscience, and other disciplines that shows that electricity and magnetism work and can be used to carry energy to people or things. These basic principles have all been confirmed by the experiments of Nikola Tesla and later on by Albert Einstein in his theory of general relativity, and the laws of magnetism.

In the 17th century, the English physician and philosopher John Locke observed that if the planets orbited the sun, then the Earth could not rotate and would fall to Earth. So he decided to test this. His test was a pendulum: “The pendulum being drawn back and forth at regular and regular intervals, by means of which a fluid is alternately being drawn from one part of the centre to the other, we shall conclude that the fluid is continually rotating and the whole is constantly rotating.” He measured “with great precision” how much the globe fell to the Earth. The same principles apply today.

The energy of current or magnetic flow, through the earth’s crust or mantle, travels at the speed of gravity: approximately 10,000 mph. If there were no such force, the Earth would not rotate (although people are not moving, and that rotation would be caused by an outside force, for instance the sun, and if there were external forces like magnetic fields, Earth would not rotate). However if the forces were such that the earth was rotated, and if the gravity was so strong (as in a giant centrifuge, which rotates at nearly the speed of gravity) that the rotation caused the entire Earth to travel down the pole of the Earth’s magnetic field and the Earth’s rotation causes the rotation, then the free energy of current is equal to the “force exerted on the earth by the sun, by a planet, by magnetism”. If so, that would explain why all these forces were working.

To find out how free energy works we can build a free energy calculator. Here the force is the electric current, or the magnetic flux of the Earth’s core (or a portion of the core). Here the flux of the electric current is 1.4 gigawatts (one billion W) per second, or 1,048,000,000,000,000 watts, or almost 1 quadrillion watts. If the flux is a uniform, constant, constant current, the total energy (energy per unit time) is equal to 1 quadrillion times the flux:

1.4 × 10

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