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No Does your version of Photoshop include features like image cropping? Yes

No Does your version of Photoshop have features that enhance the original image quality? Yes

No Can I use your Photoshop for personal use? Yes

No Does your version of Photoshop allow other users to edit my document? Yes

No Please specify all your preferences.

We offer complete support including online tutorials, sample applications and support forum. If you have any questions about this free version of Photoshop, just email us. If you cannot find what you are looking for in this free version of Photoshop, you can use either versions that have limited features or the bundled edition version. You can also try upgrading to the paid version of Photoshop to get the full features of that version.

Free version of Photoshop

We offer the following editions of Photoshop which you will find under the main account menu options for Mac or Windows:

General Edition – free.

Digital Art Edition – full price.

Premium Edition – premium for an additional fee (limited features).

Adobe After Effects

If you are looking for a free version of Adobe After Effects, check out our tutorials or try to download before you buy. You can also check out the following tutorials and tutorials about After Effects.

Free version of After Effects

We offer the following versions of After Effects which you will find under the main account menu options for Mac or Windows:

Preliminary results for the 2018 general election have been released. We can now reveal who the victor is for each constituency:

The results of the election for Glasgow West will be decided on Thursday 31 December. The general election campaign began on Monday 18 September

The results for Glasgow East will be decided on Thursday 5 November

The results for North East Fife will be decided on Thursday 28 October

The results for Perth and North Perthshire from the Scottish Parliament will be decided on Friday 5 November.

For the first time in a century the Conservative Party, the opposition Labour Party and the Green Party joined forces to challenge the SNP in an intense contest as the SNP swept the Westminster elections.

A number of key figures from the Conservative and Labour parties have been promoted to high-ranking positions in the Scottish Parliament. These include:

George Kerevan, Scottish Secretary

Iain Duncan Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary

Tom Brake, Scotland Secretary

Chris Grayling, Education Secretary

Michael Moorehead

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