Can you edit photos in Google Photos? – Learn Photo Editing Techniques Lightroom Vs Photoshop For Photographers

Yes, there are ways to edit photos on your phone and computer: with Photos for Android, the feature exists in the Photos app. If you use the free or paid Photos for Android app, your camera can be edited using the free camera tool or with other applications on your PC or Mac.

For more instructions on the feature, visit the Google Photos FAQ.

Should I sign up with a professional service?

We don’t recommend you sign up with an ordinary photographer because professional services can charge hundreds of dollars for each edit. If you want to do editing on your phone or computer, you might use the free options. Even with a professional services, it’s best to sign up and use the photos you want to use.

What can I do after editing?

Some photos from Google Play Store will remain on Google Photos even after your edits are uploaded. If you change your mind about adding photos to Google Photos, just delete the files from your phone or computer from the Files app in your Photos library and they’re gone.

How do I remove photos from Google Photos?

In the Google Photos app on the Android operating system, there’s a view called “Edit” that lets you remove a photo. You can also delete photos in this view by clicking the delete icon ( ) in the top right corner of the screen. The icon to the right of the red check mark indicates a photo is available, while a large gray check mark indicates it is unavailable.

If you delete photos in your Android device’s Photos app, the photos will be lost if Google Photos is restored at a later time.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and start making photos!

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