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Does it have any drawbacks?

I don’t have any photography skills, so I don’t know all the pros and cons of what I’ve picked. I do take a lot of pictures of people, particularly when I’m out in social situations with a friend or in a situation where people are watching me, so it’s something I would do again if I was going up against other photographers. I’m definitely not going to be shooting at weddings or other events. I don’t think my technique would be worth all of the work it would require. I did a lot of research into the techniques of other photographers before I went in, so I think I might have a better shot than most. It’s just all about the shots, you know?

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It seems like this is the year of the ‘black and white’ photo. (Photo: Photo via Flickr)In a recent article from The New York Times, one writer wrote about how she was surprised when she saw a photo of an American president that had white in the middle of black against a light.

“I was shocked to find that President Obama had a smile on his face as he walked to his car,” the New York Times writer told The Washington Post. “In this photo, taken at G20 summit in Germany in 2009, his smile is almost blinding, almost menacing.”

“How can this be?” she wondered. “A photo of a president smiling should be one of the most powerful images in journalism.”

Well, not so fast.

Yes, you see, The Post’s Jonathan Capeheart wrote a post last week discussing the issue of racism in the photography industry. He wrote that “black people will always have a harder time with that than whites and that’s OK.”

But Capeheart goes on to state that “if you believe the dominant narrative,” then the problem is indeed a media of racism.

So in a tweet from March, Capeheart said:

In a photo of President Obama as he prepares to leave after a G20 summit, a white face can be found against a backdrop of black on white, making the image racist.

What many black people see when they look at photos of a president is a white person looking down at his or her face.

Now, I admit that

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