Does Google have a photo editing software? – Picmonkey Editing Tips

No, we don’t. As of 2010-01-15, Google has never provided any software to use to edit or remove photos from your photos collection. You’re always going to need your own photos or at least Google’s Android device to handle that part of your photo editing process. You don’t need a PC to use a photo editor on your Android device, either. It’s pretty easy to use a web link to upload your images to a photo server, then browse all of your photos from your computer.

Does I need a phone? Yes. With most Android phones, you’ll be able to upload your images and share them with friends via the Google Photos app. If you have an iPhone, you can also use this to share photos to other people and your friends who’re on Android.

Google Play Music

Does Google Play Music support podcasts? No. Google Music supports podcasts for the music you listen to, but it won’t bring them into a podcast player when you have a podcast installed on your Android device.

Google Play Music has a subscription option for subscribers. That’s pretty good news if you want to listen to podcasts on your phone — but I don’t think many do.

Can I play audiobooks? No. You can’t use the Google Play Music app on Android to play audiobooks except to access them with a digital book reader app that also has audiobooks installed.

What if I want to subscribe to Google Play Music? You can, and on Android you can even subscribe to Google Play Music. Google Music subscriptions are a bit complicated and require you to register with your Google account, but it’s the best way to go. You can also get started with a free account for up to 1 month before signing up for a paid one.

Can I subscribe to podcasts that I enjoy listening to on my phone? Yes. Google Play Music offers a number of podcasts available to listen to, which are available to subscribe to in the My Music section of the Play Music app. And on my Nexus 5, I can subscribe to more than 10 audiobooks (including “The Great Gatsby”, by F. Scott Fitzgerald).

I have another Android phone and want to play some Google Play Music podcasts on it. Couldn’t that be something I could just use on my phone? Not really. Even if there’s a free version of Google Play Music available to listen on another device, you have to purchase a new Google Play Music audiobook

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