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If you have other editors of a particular book, please discuss with them whether you would like to write an introduction. If yes, and you are comfortable to discuss the specific topic with an experienced writer, we can work closely together to create a comprehensive book.

If not, we can work in a casual, individual, or informal way. For example, you can write a review. We do offer writers a fair deal, though there is usually a steep learning curve and there is no guarantee of a good review. And some reviewers don’t read the reviews so we can’t rely on them to see whether an introduction is adequate, but we are happy to provide you with the benefit of our experience.

Why do I get a bad review from the book’s editor?

In most cases this review will be the result of a very brief look at the book and your contribution. All such reviews reflect what the author thinks of the book after only an introductory reading. So we generally ask reviewers to give positive and/or neutral summaries of the book they read, and we ask the author to provide commentaries of what they think of them in the book.

Sometimes our reviews are based on more thorough look at a particular chapter or section. This can usually be done after only a very brief initial review and without the benefit of the reviewer’s comments on chapter or section summaries.

And if we think that the book’s editing decisions would have a bad result even if they were not specifically based on what an editor thought on the book, we can tell you about these editor decisions.

Why do I get a negative review from the book’s editor?

Sometimes we hear from readers of what is not your book, from other authors or even from someone else writing a book of your same type, but we have decided to only publish your book when you have published a first edition or a self-published book. After this we don’t publish anything that has been written after we are confident that the first edition hasn’t been reviewed by its publisher, which is often a self-publisher.

Sometimes we do not publish a book’s review because it isn’t what the editor considers to be a “typical book review,” which isn’t what most editors consider a typical review of a book of the same type. We believe that, as a reviewer, you should have a certain amount of skepticism about what is being said or how.

Why do I get a bad review from another author on

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