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What’s the difference between fiction and nonfiction writing?

Nonfiction is the study of things. It’s the written, collected accounts that exist in the collective memory of a nation but are not written by a single writer. The most famous nonfiction book of all time was A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (1725), written by Sir Walter Scott. Scott wrote this book in a three-year period in 1733-7, following which he went on to publish A Tale of Two Cities (1736), and A Voyage by Ocean (1740). His books show the reader what was going on, and are very interesting read, and as much as a novel can be a read it can be an extremely informative study of how people are living their lives.

Fiction is the study of things. It is just that there are very few other things that we can examine from the world of real life. The difference is that most stories (for the most part) start out in a room on paper (called a ‘sketch’), and then the writer writes what the character or persons are thinking of. And we have all seen that story unfold in front of us. We can observe these conversations in our own lives, and they are fascinating to observe. That’s why fiction is as fascinating to me as it is to everybody else, because I can be as immersed in this world as I can be in my own personal life.

You say in your book:

I want to use the Internet as a medium to disseminate my work. You could use a typewriter if you didn’t have a computer to edit. Or one could print your text on paper and then read it with a phone. Or just a screen.

What will the internet make the media we consume? And what will happen to print after the Internet?

The internet means that there is now a huge pool of people who know so much about the world that they are able to learn it in very simple ways. People who understand an aspect of the world and can communicate with their peers about it. The idea of reading the news and reading books in these very simple ways is new to us.

What is the future of media?

The future is going to be completely in the hands of those who have the tools to do so. Whether it is television, radio, or movies you know how powerful they

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