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1. Use the “Overlay” tab of the Layers panel then select the “Photo Overlay” checkbox and press OK.

2. Open the Layers panel and go to the bottom (right) side.

3. Find the layer in which the photo file contains some details (e.g.: background, text, etc) and set it as a layer in your layer stack.

4. Press Apply.

5. You can move and scale the photo layer.

A. Make photos into images – Photoshop
Senna Review (UPDATE: 2020) | 15 Things You Need to Know

When you have an image file of a specific size that you want to open and convert, you have the option of converting it into a compressed file or a JPEG format. However, you may have questions regarding how to set up and use these conversion options. If you have a good understanding of how things work, that’s likely the best approach. If you do not understand something in this article, this is an excellent time to watch this video that explains what to do with PNG image files.

Converting PNG images to JPEG’s

Before we start we need to make sure that the image’s dimensions are correct. There are various tools to do that. The JPEG Expert Pro for Mac has a great guide to setting the appropriate dimensions for your files. Additionally, the PDF tools include the tools to convert an image’s width and height in their toolsets, just as does the Windows Image Acquisition Tool. Both of these tools have specific options to use to convert the file.

The best approach is to do a basic conversion to the “new” image dimensions. If you do not have these tools installed, do not worry at all. However, if you do this, make sure you are happy with what you see on the computer screen. Most people only need to know that the width/height of the image has been converted.

Now that we have the dimensions correct, it is time to do some work. First open up your Adobe Photoshop or After Effects and locate the Photoshop layer. Right click on it and choose Convert to JPEG.

This is a quick method. Most people do it to get rid of all excess space in some way. However, you should be sure to do any image editing afterwards in order to avoid confusion later on.

Once the image has been converted, open up the same layer and change the image width and height to whatever values you prefer (e.g.: 200 pixels by 200 pixels).


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