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With Photoshop CS6, you can add new features and control over features, like Lens Correction, Exposure, and Exposure Adjustment. You can also create effects using filters, effects that allow you to apply creative edits, like Lens Hood, Lens Flare, and more, with just a few clicks! (Check out our How to use Photoshop CS6 tutorial for all you need to know before going in!)

How can I find, save, and rename my images?

Now you can easily change the order in which your images are saved, so that your most recent images show up first when you open them.

See what’s new in Photoshop CS6

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A man who has been on probation for eight years in the stabbing death of his daughter’s boyfriend has been charged with first degree murder.

Anthony Anderzic, 25, is accused of strangling Brandon Bowers at their home along U.S. Highway 1. Authorities say Bowers, 36, who had ties to the Anderzics, was stabbed multiple times, at least once nearly 20 times, on March 16, 2004.
tattoo girl: basic image editing in photoshop

In court Tuesday, a prosecutor said Bowers was a former girlfriend of Anderzic. Anderzic was previously held at the San Jose City Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and violating bail, stemming from an unrelated arrest in January.

The new owner of the NFL’s oldest stadium, located in the heart of Chicago, is hoping to start the NFL’s biggest renovation program in years.

The stadium — which began life as the White Sox and Cubs’ home field in 1893 — has been in danger of being torn down for years, but owner John Henry II, a Chicagoan by trade, said Thursday, “We’re not giving up on the White Sox or the Cubs.”

The renovated stadium in Wrigleyville will not just be a venue for Major League Soccer, which is slated to move into the complex in 2017. It will also have the potential to be just the fifth major professional sports venue in the country to be completely redesigned for the purposes of Major League Soccer.

The renovations plan, estimated at $160 million, will involve the first of an estimated five floors of new club and exhibition spaces along with a new entrance to the stadium, according to a statement from Henry. The second floor will be home to an artificial soccer pitch and a new press box.

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