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This will get you the most functionality out of Photoshop’s native cleaning tools but if you’re just starting out in the field of digital image processing then you should at least consider using these tips when in doubt. Photoshop’s basic tools will perform well in most situations. But, I’d recommend experimenting to get the most out of the tools in Photoshop’s built-in functions.

Step 1 : In Photoshop, click on Object > Remove All.

Step 2 : Select a file, like a color photograph, a print, a painting, or a photo, using the File > Open dialog. For a cleaner image, I often choose a black and white photograph.

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Step 3 : Go to Filter > Sharpen.

Step 4 : Drag the sharpen icon on top of the image so it looks as though it’s about half the size of the image.

Step 5 : Adjust the sharpness of your image as needed.

Step 6 : Remove the sharpen icon from the image so it is no longer visible. Do not drag it all the way to the bottom of the layer. It will distort the image.

Note : There is an option to make the sharper edges of the image sharp and smooth but this is only shown for sharper edges. It may be necessary to use a color filter to soften the sharp edges of the image.

Step 7 : Move the sharpen icon to the right side of the image.

Step 8 : Select Filter > Sharpen again and go to Filter > Blur.

Step 9 : Sharpen the image another three times.

In Photoshop, Photoshop will not automatically make these adjustments. You will have to drag the filters from the Image menu window to adjust their sharpness if they are not in the Layers window. If you are still having trouble with the sharpen tool, select Filter > Filter > Apply and use the Sharpen icon on the Image window as in the step above.

So far, I’ve only been using these basic Photoshop tricks. But there is a few more things that can help you out.

Step 1 : When working on your digital images, you may be tempted to use other image editing tools to “color correct” or color balance your images. While color correction or color balance may improve an image, you are essentially creating an image from raw data and the image editing tools are generally too crude to bring any color to your image. You only have to do this if:


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