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We won’t go through the steps you should take to remove the watermark from an image if you already have one, but we will tell you how to remove its signature from an image in Photoshop.

The watermarked part of an image is the area between the border and the edge of the image where you can’t see the border (the image’s border). This area should be uncluttered and free of any background, but it doesn’t need to be flat, a little bit of zooming around the image will do if you need to see it.

If you’re cleaning up images, I’d recommend taking a look at the tools included in Photoshop CS6 to identify any watermarks that may remain. For a good description of all the tools, see my article on watermarks in Photoshop. Then, if you see any, try the “Duplicate Image to Check” feature.

What about removing watermarks without Photoshop?

Once an image has been created in Photoshop, we still have to put it into a folder. To do this, open the Contents folder with the folder explorer tool. There’s a checkbox labelled ‘Duplicate Contents’. Click it, and your new original original folder should appear on the left side of the screen.

To start the process of removing watermarks when you’re copying an image from Photoshop, there are two tools available in Photoshop: “Remove Watermark” and “Remove All Watermark”. We will get into using these two tools in future tutorials, but let’s take a look at how to use these tools in your own work.

How to remove watermarks in Photoshop

1. In the Tools menu, click on the tools that were previously selected for your image. If you weren’t using the tools previously, you could get to the Tools menu by pressing Option (Mac) / Command-Option (PC) in the menu bar.

We didn’t find anything relevant to remove watermarks from a photo of us, so we have chosen “Remove Watermark”.

2. When asked to remove watermarks, click “OK”, and your image will be changed so it no longer has a watermark.

3. Now if you zoom into the image to look more closely at the watermarks, you will also see that the watermarks are gone, as long as you zoom back in.

If you have any questions about removing watermarks or anything relating to using Photoshop, please feel free to check

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