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What about your other photos?

My favorite photo editing software is Photoshop because I feel like I can just go in and edit pictures without being in the studio. I have been using it on a project for about 5 years now and I love it. It’s easy to start, you don’t have to learn anything, it’s super fast. The only problem is, if you need more light settings, there are a ton of editing tools like curves or curves-only and these are also pretty much useless.

Now I would recommend Lightroom. They’re really fast and have more tools than Photoshop. I’ve been using the Pro Plus for years. There are a ton of awesome presets and tools too.

How is light manipulation on photos different from working in Photoshop?

I used to shoot lots and lots of sports and I knew when I got the gear I needed to edit sports pictures. So I learned to manipulate light, and then when I was in NYC for a show, I did the editing. I’ve always really liked working with light.

However, I can’t edit sports because I need a tripod. A tripod really gives you control over the light, but that’s all a lot of work. I’ve had to rely on assistants and some equipment like a dolly just for light manipulation.
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What is the most important step in the editing process for the photographer?

I usually use a tripod. If I use anything else, you have to trust that it’s going to work, and for a lot of projects you don’t know if it’s going to work. It’s easy to shoot a single photo, set up a tripod, and then throw a few photos at a table.

My most important step when editing a photo is knowing what you want to achieve so that you don’t have to make adjustments based on what you see on paper.

How could another photographer learn from you?

You have to learn from me. At first I was like “Hey, you know how I tell you the rules? Tell me!” But you can tell me anything if you want. I also have a great book that can be purchased online that covers a lot of everything I say about editing photographs. It’s the best book ever written. I don’t want to give any of that away, but if you want a copy, that’s where you can download it.

There is also this video you made called “Tips for the Average Photographer”. It was great for

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