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How do you work with people who don’t know your face? And then, because no one ever goes, “Oh, thanks for taking my clothes off,” and then gets the pants off: How do you find a person’s body and see if they’re going to be comfortable? How do you find someone who would appreciate it? I just started out with being the first person to get all the clothes, but I knew it would help a lot of other people too. It’s really cool to see other people’s bodies as they want to look in the mirror, to kind of see the parts of themselves they’re excited to see themselves without.


AVC: How much of the project was actually you coming up with the designs?

JS: It was a lot of me being like, “What if this happens?” How are these clothes going to go on the body? What are the possibilities? [This] was kind of what we’re thinking about with this whole project, which wasn’t the end goal, but it would have been nice to have some people’s first experience on the project be like this. For people who are not used to doing all their own clothes, it can be easy getting your clothes on there, but once you have all these pieces, they can feel more natural with their clothes on.
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AVC: What sort of clothes did you take people out to? What were the clothes you chose from?

JS: It was pretty much what we had been working with. There was a couple of other items we’d done in the past — we got a few samples and we were pretty much doing our own clothing. But in terms of where we found it, I mean, if your friends are dressing like that and you see that, you’ll probably have your own style from there. I mean, I think all of these people really loved the clothes.


AVC: One thing that we’ve seen are people putting on a lot of weight because of what you guys did and the fact that you have the ability to alter the clothes’ dimensions. Where did that concern come from? And also what was the mindset at all?

JS: To be honest, no one really saw why a shirt would change in size and shape. They thought it was just a question of what the fabric was, or if, or what the color of the shirt was, because it really didn’t exist on the garment itself. So it was more of a question of

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